Tin Unscramble word

tin is a Scrabble word, tin uses Three letters.
Scrabble point value for tin Three points.
Words with Friends point value for tin: Three points.

Below are the results of unscrambling tin. We found a total of 17 words by unscrambling the letters in tin.

3 letter words made by unscrambling the letters in tin

int 3 nit 3

2 letter words made by unscrambling the letters in tin

in 2 it 2 ni 2 nt 2 ti 2 tn 2

Definitions of tin

British English : tin Tin is a soft silvery-white metal. NOUN...a factory that turns scrap metal into tin cans.


  1. a metallic element, occurring in cassiterite, that has several allotropes; the ordinary malleable silvery-white metal slowly changes below 13.2°C to a grey powder. It is used extensively in alloys, esp bronze and pewter, and as a noncorroding coating for steel. Symbol: Sn; atomic no: 50; atomic wt: 118.710; valency: 2 or 4; relative density: 5.75 (grey), 7.31 (white); melting pt: 231.9°C; boiling pt: 2603°C related adjectives stannic stannous
  2. Also called (esp US and Canadian) : can . an airtight sealed container of thin sheet metal coated with tin, used for preserving and storing food or drink
  3. any container made of metallic tin
  4. See fill her tins
  5. Also called : tinful . the contents of a tin or the amount a tin will hold
  6. (British & Australian & New Zealand ) corrugated or galvanized iron   ⇒ a tin roof
  7. any metal regarded as cheap or flimsy
  8. (British ) a loaf of bread with a rectangular shape, baked in a tin
  9. (slang ) money
  10. See it does exactly what it says on the tin


  1. to put (food, etc) into a tin or tins; preserve in a tin
  2. to plate or coat with tin
  3. to prepare (a metal) for soldering or brazing by applying a thin layer of solder to the surface