Scrabble Word lay, Words With Friends score & LAY definition

lay is a Scrabble word, lay uses Three letters.
Scrabble point value for lay Six points.
Words with Friends point value for lay: Six points.

Below are the results of unscrambling lay. We found a total of 6 words by unscrambling the letters in lay. We unscrambled the letters to create a list of all the words found in Scrabble for lay, Words with Friends, and Text Twist. Click these words to get how many point that word worth, their definitions, and all the other words that can be made by unscrambling the letters from these words. If one or more words can be unscrambled with all the letters entered plus one new letter, then they will also be displayed.

3 letter words made by unscrambling the letters in lay

aly 6

2 letter words made by unscrambling the letters in lay

al 2 ay 5 la 2 ly 5 ya 5

Definitions of lay

British English : lay You use lay to describe people who are involved with a Christian church but are not members of the clergy or are not monks or nuns. ADJECTIVEHe is a Methodist lay preacher and social worker.


  1. to put in a low or horizontal position; cause to lie   ⇒ to lay a cover on a bed
  2. to place, put, or be in a particular state or position   ⇒ he laid his finger on his lips
  3. (intransitive) (not standard ) to be in a horizontal position; lie   ⇒ he often lays in bed all the morning
  4. (sometimes followed by down) to establish as a basis   ⇒ to lay a foundation for discussion
  5. to place or dispose in the proper position   ⇒ to lay a carpet
  6. to arrange (a table) for eating a meal
  7. to prepare (a fire) for lighting by arranging fuel in the grate
  8. (also intransitive) (of birds, esp the domestic hen) to produce (eggs)
  9. to present or put forward   ⇒ he laid his case before the magistrate
  10. to impute or attribute   ⇒ all the blame was laid on him
  11. to arrange, devise, or prepare   ⇒ to lay a trap
  12. to place, set, or locate   ⇒ the scene is laid in London
  13. to apply on or as if on a surface   ⇒ to lay a coat of paint
  14. to impose as a penalty or burden   ⇒ to lay a fine
  15. to make (a bet) with (someone)   ⇒ I lay you five to one on Prince
  16. to cause to settle   ⇒ to lay the dust
  17. to allay; suppress   ⇒ to lay a rumour
  18. to bring down forcefully   ⇒ to lay a whip on someone's back
  19. (slang ) to have sexual intercourse with
  20. (slang ) to bet on (a horse) to lose a race
  21. to press down or make smooth   ⇒ to lay the nap of cloth
  22. to cut (small trunks or branches of shrubs or trees) halfway through and bend them diagonally to form a hedge   ⇒ to lay a hedge
  23. to arrange and twist together (strands) in order to form (a rope, cable, etc)
  24. (military ) to apply settings of elevation and training to (a weapon) prior to firing
  25. (followed by on) (hunting ) to put (hounds or other dogs) onto a scent
  26. another word for inlay
  27. (intransitive; often followed by to or out) (dialect (or informal ) to plan, scheme, or devise
  28. (intransitive) (nautical ) to move or go, esp into a specified position or direction   ⇒ to lay close to the wind
  29. See lay aboard
  30. See lay a course
  31. See lay bare
  32. See lay hands on
  33. See lay hold of
  34. See lay oneself open
  35. See lay open
  36. See lay siege to


  1. the manner or position in which something lies or is placed
  2. (taboo , slang ) an act of sexual intercourse a sexual partner
  3. an act of sexual intercourse
  4. a sexual partner
  5. a portion of the catch or the profits from a whaling or fishing expedition
  6. the amount or direction of hoist in the strands of a rope
  7. an act of sexual intercourse
  8. a sexual partner


  1. of, involving, or belonging to people who are not clergy
  2. nonprofessional or nonspecialist; amateur


  1. a ballad or short narrative poem, esp one intended to be sung
  2. a song or melody


  1. the past tense of lie2


  1. (intransitive) to speak untruthfully with intent to mislead or deceive
  2. (intransitive) to convey a false impression or practise deception   ⇒ the camera does not lie


  1. an untrue or deceptive statement deliberately used to mislead
  2. something that is deliberately intended to deceive
  3. See give the lie to


  1. (often followed by down) to place oneself or be in a prostrate position, horizontal to the ground
  2. to be situated, esp on a horizontal surface   ⇒ the pencil is lying on the desk , India lies to the south of Russia
  3. to be buried   ⇒ here lies Jane Brown
  4. (copula) to be and remain (in a particular state or condition)   ⇒ to lie dormant
  5. to stretch or extend   ⇒ the city lies before us
  6. usually foll by on or upon to rest or weigh   ⇒ my sins lie heavily on my mind
  7. (usually followed by in) to exist or consist inherently   ⇒ strength lies in unity
  8. (followed by with) to be or rest (with)   ⇒ the ultimate decision lies with you (archaic ) to have sexual intercourse (with)
  9. to be or rest (with)   ⇒ the ultimate decision lies with you
  10. (archaic ) to have sexual intercourse (with)
  11. (of an action, claim, appeal, etc) to subsist; be maintainable or admissible
  12. (archaic ) to stay temporarily
  13. See lie in state
  14. See lie low
  15. to be or rest (with)   ⇒ the ultimate decision lies with you
  16. (archaic ) to have sexual intercourse (with)


  1. the manner, place, or style in which something is situated
  2. the hiding place or lair of an animal
  3. (golf ) the position of the ball after a shot   ⇒ a bad lie the angle made by the shaft of the club before the upswing
  4. the position of the ball after a shot   ⇒ a bad lie
  5. the angle made by the shaft of the club before the upswing
  6. See lie of the land
  7. the position of the ball after a shot   ⇒ a bad lie
  8. the angle made by the shaft of the club before the upswing