In Unscramble word

in is a Scrabble word, in uses Two letters.
Scrabble point value for in Two points.
Words with Friends point value for in: Two points.

Below are the results of unscrambling in. We found a total of 11 words by unscrambling the letters in in.

2 letter words made by unscrambling the letters in in

ni 2

Definitions of in

British English : in ɪn You use in to say when something happens.He was born in winter. PREPOSITIONdenoting time


  1. inside; within   ⇒ no smoking in the auditorium
  2. at a place where there is   ⇒ lying in the shade , walking in the rain
  3. indicating a state, situation, or condition   ⇒ in a deep sleep , standing in silence
  4. before or when (a period of time) has elapsed   ⇒ come back in one year
  5. using (a language, etc) as a means of communication   ⇒ written in code
  6. concerned or involved with, esp as an occupation   ⇒ in journalism
  7. expressing a ratio, proportion, or probability   ⇒ one in five boys
  8. while or by performing the action of; as a consequence of or by means of   ⇒ in crossing the street he was run over
  9. used to indicate goal or purpose   ⇒ in honour of the president
  10. (used of certain animals) about to give birth to; pregnant with (specified offspring)   ⇒ in foal , in calf
  11. a variant of into   ⇒ she fell in the water , he tore the paper in two
  12. See have it in one
  13. See in it
  14. See in that
  15. See nothing in it

adverb (particle)

  1. in or into a particular place; inward or indoors   ⇒ come in , bring him in
  2. so as to achieve office, power, or authority   ⇒ the Conservatives got in at the last election
  3. so as to enclose   ⇒ block in , cover in a hole
  4. (in certain games) so as to take one's turn or one's team's turn at a certain aspect of the play; taking one's innings   ⇒ you have to get the other side out before you go in
  5. (British ) (of a fire) alight   ⇒ do you keep the fire in all night?
  6. (in combination) indicating an activity or gathering, esp one organized to protest against something   ⇒ teach-in , work-in
  7. See in at
  8. See in between
  9. See in for
  10. See in on
  11. See in with
  12. See have it in for


  1. (stressed) fashionable; modish   ⇒ the in thing to do
  2. (New Zealand ) competing   ⇒ you've got to be in to win


  1. See ins and outs

the internet domain name for

  1. India

the chemical symbol for

  1. indium

abbreviation for

  1. Indiana

suffix forming nouns

  1. indicating a neutral organic compound, including proteins, glucosides, and glycerides   ⇒ insulin , digitoxin , tripalmitin
  2. indicating an enzyme in certain nonsystematic names   ⇒ pepsin
  3. indicating a pharmaceutical substance   ⇒ penicillin , riboflavin , aspirin
  4. indicating a chemical substance in certain nonsystematic names   ⇒ coumarin


  1. not; non-   ⇒ incredible , insincere , illegal , imperfect , irregular Compare un-1


  1. in; into; towards; within; on   ⇒ infiltrate , immigrate
  2. having an intensive or causative function   ⇒ inflame , imperil

abbreviation for

  1. inch(es)