Ee Unscramble word

ee is a Scrabble word, ee uses Two letters.
Scrabble point value for ee Two points.
Words with Friends point value for ee: Two points.

Below are the results of unscrambling ee. We found a total of 11 words by unscrambling the letters in ee.

Definitions of ee


  1. a Scot word for eye1

the internet domain name for

  1. Estonia

abbreviation for

  1. Early English
  2. electrical engineer(ing)
  3. (in New Zealand) ewe equivalent

suffix forming nouns

  1. indicating a person who is the recipient of an action (as opposed, esp in legal terminology, to the agent, indicated by -or or -er)   ⇒ assignee , grantee , lessee
  2. indicating a person in a specified state or condition   ⇒ absentee , employee
  3. indicating a diminutive form of something   ⇒ bootee

abbreviation for

  1. errors excepted