Do Unscramble word

do is a Scrabble word, do uses Two letters.
Scrabble point value for do Three points.
Words with Friends point value for do: Three points.

Below are the results of unscrambling do. We found a total of 11 words by unscrambling the letters in do.

2 letter words made by unscrambling the letters in do

od 3

Definitions of do

British English : do If you do something, you spend some time on it or finish it.I tried to do some work.dʊ VERB


  1. to perform or complete (a deed or action)   ⇒ to do a portrait , the work is done
  2. often intr; foll by for to serve the needs of; be suitable for (a person, situation, etc); suffice   ⇒ there isn't much food, but it'll do for the two of us
  3. (transitive) to arrange or fix   ⇒ you should do the garden now
  4. (transitive) to prepare or provide; serve   ⇒ this restaurant doesn't do lunch on Sundays
  5. (transitive) to make tidy, elegant, ready, etc, as by arranging or adorning   ⇒ to do one's hair
  6. (transitive) to improve (esp in the phrase do something to or for)
  7. (transitive) to find an answer to (a problem or puzzle)
  8. (transitive) to translate or adapt the form or language of   ⇒ the book was done into a play
  9. (intransitive) to conduct oneself   ⇒ do as you please
  10. (intransitive) to fare or manage   ⇒ how are you doing these days?
  11. (transitive) to cause or produce   ⇒ complaints do nothing to help
  12. (transitive) to give or render   ⇒ your portrait doesn't do you justice , do me a favour
  13. (transitive) to work at, esp as a course of study or a profession   ⇒ he is doing chemistry , what do you do for a living?
  14. (transitive) to perform (a play, etc); act   ⇒ they are doing 'Hamlet' next week
  15. (transitive) to travel at a specified speed, esp as a maximum   ⇒ this car will do 120 mph
  16. (transitive) to travel or traverse (a distance)   ⇒ we did 15 miles on our walk
  17. (takes an infinitive without to) used as an auxiliary before the subject of an interrogative sentence as a way of forming a question   ⇒ do you agree? , when did John go out?
  18. (takes an infinitive without to) used as an auxiliary to intensify positive statements and commands   ⇒ I do like your new house , do hurry!
  19. (takes an infinitive without to) used as an auxiliary before a negative adverb to form negative statements or commands   ⇒ he does not like cheese , do not leave me here alone!
  20. (takes an infinitive without to) used as an auxiliary in inverted constructions   ⇒ little did he realize that , only rarely does he come in before ten o'clock
  21. used as an auxiliary to replace an earlier verb or verb phrase to avoid repetition   ⇒ he likes you as much as I do
  22. (transitive) (informal ) to visit or explore as a sightseer or tourist   ⇒ to do Westminster Abbey
  23. (transitive) to wear out; exhaust
  24. (intransitive) to happen (esp in the phrase nothing doing)
  25. (transitive) (slang ) to serve (a period of time) as a prison sentence   ⇒ he's doing three years for burglary , he's doing time
  26. (transitive) (informal ) to cheat or swindle
  27. (transitive) (slang ) to rob   ⇒ they did three shops last night
  28. (transitive) (slang ) to arrest to convict of a crime
  29. to arrest
  30. to convict of a crime
  31. (transitive) (Australian , informal ) to lose or spend (money) completely
  32. (transitive) (slang , mainly British ) to treat violently; assault
  33. (transitive) (slang ) to take or use (a drug)
  34. (transitive) (taboo , slang ) (of a male) to have sexual intercourse with
  35. (transitive) to arrange (a meal)   ⇒ let's do lunch
  36. See do
  37. See do or die
  38. See how do you do?
  39. See make do
  40. to arrest
  41. to convict of a crime


  1. (slang ) an act or instance of cheating or swindling
  2. (informal , mainly British & New Zealand ) a formal or festive gathering; party
  3. See do's and don'ts


  1. a variant spelling of doh1

the internet domain name for

  1. Dominican Republic

abbreviation for

  1. Doctor of Optometry
  2. Doctor of Osteopathy

abbreviation for

  1. ditto

abbreviation for

  1. delivery order